Letter to Professor Alec Cameron about the list of proscribed words sent to all new students in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Aston University.

We were contacted anonymously by a student at Aston University in Birmingham after he’d been handed a guidance document by the School of Social Sciences and Humanities that contained a long list of banned words and phrases. They included ‘mankind’, ‘native’ and ‘mixed race’. We have written to the Vice-Chancellor objecting to this and asking for his assurance that any students using the proscribed language will not be penalised in any way.


Letter to Professor David Maguire, Vice-Chancellor of Sussex University, about the harassment and intimidation of Kathleen Stock

We have written to Professor David Maguire, interim Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex, about the disgraceful attempt by campus activists to bully Professor Kathleen Stock into silence. When Prof Stock returned to work earlier this week she was confronted with stickers outside her office demanding she be fired for being a ‘transphobe’ and a ‘terf’. We have asked Prof Maguire to assure us that action will be taken, both to protect Prof Stock and to punish the organisers of what is almost certainly an unlawful campaign of harassment and intimidation.

Below, you can see our original letter and the reply we received from Professor David Maguire on 12th October 2021.


UPDATE: We received a reply from Professor David Maguire on 12th October 2021. You can read the full text of his letter below.


Letter to Provost of Worcester College About His Recent Apology For Hosting Christian Event

David Isaac, the former Chair of Stonewall and now Provost of Worcester College, Oxford, recently issued an apology on behalf of the College for hosting an event earlier this month for the Wilberforce Academy, which is part of Christian Concern. In a letter to students and staff, he said booking the event “was a serious failure that has caused significant distress” to students who discovered a leaflet from the event when they returned to the College. Christian Concern said the apology showed “cancel culture has once again demonstrated the power of its grip in one of our top universities” and accused David Isaac of “capitulating to an aggressive movement”. We have written to Mr Isaac pointing out that to exclude a group from holding an event on the College’s premises because of its Christian beliefs would be a breach of the Equality Act 2010, something he should be aware of given that he’s also a former Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Below, you can see our original letter and the reply we received from David Isaac on 29th September 2021.


UPDATE: We received a reply from David Isaac on 29th September 2021. You can read the full text of his letter below.


Letter to the Vice-Chancellor of Bristol University About its Shoddy Treatment of Professor Steven Greer

We’ve written to Professor Judith Squires, the V-C and Provost of Bristol University, about the University’s mistreatment of Professor Steven Greer, a distinguished human rights lawyer. You can read Prof Greer’s story in the Mail on Sunday, but the short version is he was falsely accused of Islamophobia by some Muslim activists who didn’t like his politics and then exonerated by the University, but the module he teaches every year about Islam, among other things, has now been removed from the syllabus. And the reason he was given by the administrators responsible for this censorship was that they didn’t want the course to attract any more complaints, even though the University concluded the complaints against Prof Greer were completely groundless.

Below, you can see our original letter and the reply we received from Professor Judith Squires on 29th September 2021.


UPDATE: We received a reply from Professor Judith Squires on 29th September 2021. You can read the full text of her letter below.


Letter concerning Nottingham University’s decision not to recognise Father David Palmer’s appointment as Catholic Chaplain.

We have written to Professor Shearer West, the Vice-Chancellor and President of Nottingham University, asking her to reconsider the decision not to recognise the appointment of Father David Palmer as the University’s Catholic chaplain. Nottingham has 12 other chaplains of different faiths, all of whom are officially recognised, but the University has refused to grant the same honour to Father David because it objects to his opposition to abortion and euthanasia. Since that opposition is rooted in his Catholic faith, we think this constitutes unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

Below, you can see our original letter and the email reply we received from Kirsteen Coupar, Interim Student and Campus Life Director, Nottingham University on 1st October 2021.

Letter to the Chair of the Cambridge Classics Faculty raising concerns about its anti-racist Action Plan

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Cambridge University Classics Faculty intends to include notices beneath plaster busts of ancient figures in the local archaeology museum explaining that the whiteness of the casts shouldn’t be taken to mean that the population of Athens and Rome was exclusive white. This bizarre decision is part of the Faculty’s anti-racist ‘Action Plan’ and, on reviewing it, we discovered that other aspects are more sinister and potentially unlawful. You can read our letter to Professor Osborne, the Chair of the Faculty, raising these concerns below.

Letter to Wigan Council concerning one of our members, Maureen O’Bern

Maureen O’Bern was employed by Wigan Council as a librarian for 34 years. But when she objected to the involvement of a Chinese state-owned firm in a major new project, because of China’s human rights record, she was suspended and then sacked. She is being assisted by the Workers of England Union and the Free Speech Union.

Letter to Kim Leadbeater MP concerning a teacher in her constituency of Batley and Spen.

Earlier this month, we wrote to Kim Leadbeater, the newly-elected MP for Batley and Spen, to ask her what steps she’d taken to help the teacher at Batley Grammar School who is currently in hiding with his family following threats to his life after he showed some of his pupils a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. She was now replied, so we’re publishing both letters (with her permission). In her reply, the MP says she will support the teacher if he wants to return to work, which we very much welcome.

Below, you can see our original letter and the reply we received from Kim Leadbeater MP on 10th August 2021.

Letter to Commissioner Cressida Dick CBE concerning Hatun Tash

We are very concerned about the safety of the FSU member and Christian preacher Hatun Tash, who was slashed in the face with a knife at Speakers’ Corner last month. We first wrote to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick about Ms Tash on 2 June, following her arrest for breach of the peace, and we have written to her again, urging the Metropolitan Police to protect Ms Tash’s rights to life, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression. Below, you can see our original letter, the replies we received, as well as our most recent letter.

Letter to Sir Keir Starmer on behalf of one of our members – Ms Rebekah Wershbale

We have written to Sir Keir Starmer asking him to intervene after a member of ours discovered she is being used in a Labour Party training course as an example of a ‘transphobe’. Two years ago, Rebeka Wershbale was banned from a pub in Macclesfield for wearing a t-shirt that said: ‘Woman: adult human female.’ This is how the Oxford Dictionary of English defines “woman”, but it is now thought to be ‘trans exclusionary’ by woke activists since it implies that only biological females are women. A picture of Rebekah wearing the t-shirt appears on a slide in a Labour Party training course on how to avoid ‘casual transphobia’.

Toby Young, the FSU’s General Secretary, said: “I was genuinely shocked to discover one of our members is being publicly shamed as a ‘transphobe’ in official Labour Party training materials simply for wearing a t-shirt saying, ‘Woman: adult human female.’ That’s the Oxford Dictionary of English‘s definition and, I imagine, the same definition that the vast majority of Labour Party members use.

“Not only is this a grotesque attack on Rebekah Wershbale, it is discriminatory under the Equality Act 2010, which was passed by the last Labour Government. That Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against people on the basis of their protected characteristics, which include their philosophical beliefs. And we know from a recent ruling in the Employment Appeals Tribunal that the beliefs of gender critical feminists like Ms Wershbale are protected by law.

“We have written to Keir Starmer asking him to make sure these training materials aren’t used again, investigate how Ms Wershbale’s name and photograph came to be used in this way and apologise to her. We’ve also asked him to clarify what the Labour Party’s attitude is to gender critical beliefs. The Party’s members need to know whether this demonisation of Ms Wershbale for defining a woman as an adult human female is a regrettable error or official Party policy.”

Rebekah Wershbale said: “When the seriousness of the situation dawned on me I was horrified. To be singled-out as an example of a transphobic bully by someone I’d never even met or even interacted with was very disturbing, especially given that they used my name and photo. We know very well what happens to women in those crosshairs. We receive actual, real threats of violence and threats to our livelihood. Not just the vague threats of potential ‘misgendering’ or dogwhistling we’re accused of. How many people have gone through this course and seen my name and photo as an example of ‘transphobia’?

“My question is, who is being bullied here? I had no idea my name and image were being used in this way. Accusations of ‘transphobia’ have turned women’s lives upside down. I’m alarmed that this has been greenlit by the Labour Party, knowing what the potential backlash is for women in my position who refuse to play the game of pretend, and who stand up for women’s rights and biological reality.”