If you are a member of the Conservative party who values Freedom of Speech Freedom of Thought Open Debate Artistic Freedom Comedy & Satire Sensible Laws A Free Internet Workers' Rights Contact the Conservative leadership candidates today and ask them to support:

The Free Speech Manifesto

We’ve identified our top five policy commitments for the next Prime Minister. We’re asking Conservative party members to reach out to Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak directly to see where they stand on each of these issues.

Education Create an enforcement mechanism to make sure children aren’t being politically indoctrinated in schools, stop schools dissembling when parents ask to see what their children are being taught, and insist that free speech is included in the list of British values schools are expected to teach.
Policing End the investigation and recording of Non-Crime Hate Incidents by the police and delete all those that are still sitting on people’s records.
Legislation Take forward the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill, ditch those clauses in the Online Safety Bill that pose a threat to free speech and make sure freedom of expression is pre-eminent in the new Bill of Rights so artists, novelists, poets, playwrights and comedians can speak truth to power without being cancelled.
Workers' Rights Introduce stronger legal protection for workers’ rights so employees cannot be disciplined or sacked for refusing to take diversity training courses or declare their gender pronouns.
Equalities Amend the Equality Act 2010 so it cannot be used to no-platform those who challenge fashionable orthodoxies, e.g., defining a woman as an ‘adult human female’ should not count as ‘harassment’.

Strong Public Support

The results of an independent opinion poll commissioned by the FSU show that people strongly support our five-point manifesto. The headline finding is that only two per cent of the public strongly agree that the Government is doing a good job of standing up for free speech. Among 25-49 year-olds, that number falls to one per cent.

In light of our poll, we’re asking those members and supporters of ours who are also members of the Conservative Party to write to both candidates, urging them to do more to protect free speech. If you’re a Conservative Party member, please use our new campaigning tool below to send the candidates an email. We have created a template and you’re welcome to use that, or feel free to adapt it.

Here’s how you can take action

Step 1: Enter your personal details

Adding your information is necessary for MPs to verify the contact is genuine.

Step 2: Personalise the letter – then copy the text

If you’d like to add any further thoughts to our email template, please feel free – if not, simply copy the text.

Step 3: Confirm permissions

Confirm that we have your permission to proceed. If you would like to support the Free Speech Union and keep up to date on free speech issues we’d love you to subscribe to our newsletter!

Step 4: Click the email contact button

Click the ‘Click here to email the leadership Candidates’ button and paste the copied letter into your email provider of choice. The email addresses of both leadership Candidates will be copied in to your email automatically. * For anyone using Apple’s mobile Safari browser, please ensure that you have browser pop-ups enabled. To do this: Open settings > Tap Safari > Then simply toggle ‘Block Pop-ups’ to the Off position. *

Step 5: Spread the word!

Spread the word! The more Conservative Party members who reach out to the leadership candidates, the better. Share a link to this page on your favourite social media channels.

Step 6: We’ll publish the candidates’ responses online

Once we’ve received responses from all five leadership candidates we’ll publish the responses on our manifesto page.