Defend Trevor Phillips’ Right to Speak

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We held our launch party on Wednesday, 26th February. You can see the speeches that were made and some other footage from the party on our YouTube channel. Some members have asked why they weren’t invited. Unfortunately, the venue wasn’t big enough. But we are in the process of organizing our first event and will be in touch about that soon.

Trevor Phillips

One of the speakers at the launch was Trevor Phillips, the anti-racism campaigner and former Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. (You can watch his speech on our YouTube channel here.) Today brings news that Trevor has been suspended from the Labour Party for “Islamophobia”. This is a ridiculous allegation. He is one of a handful of public figures to express concern about the sexual abuse of children in northern towns by gangs largely made up of Pakistani Muslim men, as well as the sympathy shown by a substantial proportion of British Muslims towards the motives of the Charlie Hebdo killers. Drawing attention to these issues isn’t a form of “hate speech” and it doesn’t constitute “Islamophobia”. On the contrary, we need to have an honest conversation about the failure of a minority of religious people to fully embrace British values, whether some conservative Muslims or some ultra-Orthodox Jews, if people of all faiths are going to work out how to get along together in a multi-faith society. I’ve started a petition calling on the Labour Party to drop these trumped-up charges, apologise to Trevor Phillips and fully reinstate his membership. He should be applauded for his bravery, not punished for “crossing a line”. Please sign the petition here.