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We’ve identified our top five policy commitments for the new leader of the Conservative party. We’re reaching out to all the candidates to see where they stand on each of these issues and we’ll then give them a mark out of five according to their answers.

Education Create an enforcement mechanism to make sure children aren’t being politically indoctrinated in schools, stop schools dissembling when parents ask to see what their children are being taught, and insist that free speech is included in the list of British values schools are expected to teach.
Policing End the investigation and recording of Non-Crime Hate Incidents by the police and delete all those that are still sitting on people’s records.
Legislation Take forward the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill, ditch those clauses in the Online Safety Bill that pose a threat to free speech and make sure freedom of expression is pre-eminent in the new Bill of Rights so artists, novelists, poets, playwrights and comedians can speak truth to power without being cancelled.
Workers' Rights Introduce stronger legal protection for workers’ rights so employees cannot be disciplined or sacked for refusing to take diversity training courses or declare their gender pronouns.
Equalities Amend the Equality Act 2010 so it cannot be used to no-platform those who challenge fashionable orthodoxies, e.g., defining a woman as an ‘adult human female’ should not count as ‘harassment’.

How do the candidates compare?

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Candidate Education Policing Legislation Workers’ Rights Equalities Score out of 5
Kemi Badenoch Kemi Badenoch
Rishi Sunak Rishi Sunak
Liz Truss Liz Truss
Tom Tugendhat Tom Tugendhat
Nadhim Zahawi Nadhim Zahawi
Suella Braverman Suella Braverman
Grant Shapps Grant Shapps
Jeremy Hunt Jeremy Hunt
Penny Mordaunt Penny Mordaunt
Sajid Javid Sajid Javid

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