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All members will be defended by the FSU if they are penalised for exercising their legal right to free speech. If you’re targeted by an outrage mob on social media, we’ll mobilise an army of supporters. If a petition is launched calling for you to be fired, we’ll launch a counter-petition. We’re also in discussions with lawyers and insurance experts about setting up a fully-underwritten insurance scheme that will provide all members with access to specialist lawyers and will completely cover any costs associated with legal action—unlike most other no win, no fee arrangements. As a member, you’ll also have access to specialist legal and media/PR support, and if you do end up going to law we may help you crowdfund to pay your legal costs. In addition, we’ll invite you to “speakeasies” (social events in pubs) and offer you discounted tickets to FSU debates. To qualify for the concessionary rate you must be either 16 or over and enrolled at an educational institution, 65 or over, or on benefits. If you fall outside those categories—or fall within them but can afford to pay more—please apply for full membership. The concessionary rate is also available for overseas members who won’t have access to the legal insurance scheme or specialist legal and media/PR support.

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