Here’s how you can take action:

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Step 1: Enter your personal details

Adding your information is necessary for MPs to verify the contact is genuine.

Step 2: Personalise the letter – then copy the text

If you’d like to add any further thoughts to our email template, please feel free – if not, simply copy the text.

Step 3: Confirm permissions

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Step 4: Click the email contact button

Click the ‘Click here to email the your MP’ button and paste the copied letter into your email provider of choice. The email address of your local MP will be copied in to your email automatically. *For anyone using Apple’s mobile Safari browser, please ensure that you have browser pop-ups enabled. To do this: Open settings > Tap Safari > Then simply toggle ‘Block Pop-ups’ to the off position.*

Step 5: Spread the word!

Spread the word! The more people who reach out to their MP’s the better. Share a link to this page on your favourite social media channels.

Your local Member of Parliament is: