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Weekly News Podcast – “That’s Debatable”

Join hosts Tom and Ben as they delve into the latest developments in the cancel culture wars and infringements on free speech.

In a world where free expression is increasingly under attack, “That’s Debatable” provides a much-needed platform for open and honest discussions about the issues that matter most. With their unique blend of wit, intelligence, and insight, Tom and Ben deliver a thought-provoking and engaging analysis of the news and events shaping our society. Whether you’re a seasoned political junkie or simply interested in staying informed on the latest controversies, “That’s Debatable” is the perfect podcast for you.

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Tune into “Unfiltered Conversations with The Free Speech Union” for an insightful journey into the heart of free speech debates. This podcast gives listeners exclusive access to our past events, offering a variety of viewpoints from our distinguished guests.

With contributors including comedian Jack Dee, satirist Andrew Doyle, and author Douglas Murray, who also serves as an FSU director, we explore free speech in its many dimensions. Whether you’re deeply invested in these issues, or new to the discourse, “Unfiltered Conversations with The Free Speech Union” offers a fresh, thoughtful perspective.

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