Featured Debate: Disinformation, Misinformation & The Freedom to Dissent

GENRE: Public Debates
DURATION: 1h 48m
GUESTS: Toby Young, Peter Hitchens, Silkie Carlo, Timandra Harkness

Criminalising or suppressing the dissemination of ‘fake news’ often seems to be a convenient way of silencing critics of those in power. New evidence has emerged of the UK Government monitoring people who questioned the wisdom of the Covid-19 lockdown, including scientists and journalists. A recent report by campaign group Big Brother Watch revealed that at least three government units — The Counter Disinformation Unit, the Rapid Response Unit and the 77th Brigade — were deployed to track the social media activities of British citizens, identifying those regarded as ‘problematic’; whom Government departments then reported to social media companies using their ‘trusted flagger’ status.

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