Donations and Crowdfunders

We keep our membership fees low so everyone can afford to join, but we’re only able to do that thanks to the generosity of our donors. A gift to the FSU doesn’t merely allow us to keep our membership fees low. It’s also way of expressing your belief in the importance of free speech. When we take on expensive legal cases, we often launch dedicated crowdfunders to help with costs.

If you have any questions about donating or crowdfunding, please click on the ‘Get in Touch’ button below to be redirected to our contact form.

Donate to the Free Speech Union today – your support makes a real difference

The revenue the FSU brings in from membership dues covers less than half of our running costs. That’s because we have kept our membership fees as low as possible so anyone can afford to join, with a concessionary rate for the least well-off. In addition, all our events are run at cost to keep ticket prices as low as possible.

To make up the shortfall, we rely on donations from those that believe in the importance of free speech. That means organising dinners and other fundraising events, to which we invite our most generous supporters. But we also rely on small donations from a large number of well-wishers.

Please donate whatever you can afford, ideally on a monthly basis. If you specify an amount in the donations box you will then have the option of making a one-off online payment, setting up a standing order or sending us a cheque by selecting ‘Donate with Offline Donation’.

Active Crowdfunders

Lawsuits can be expensive and to provide legal help to our members we sometimes need to set up dedicated crowdfunders.

By donating to these, you are making sure they are able to access professional legal support.

Gillian Philip Needs Your Support

Gillian Philip continues to fight for a woman’s right to state biological facts without fear of losing her job. As you may know, Gillian brought an Employment Tribunal claim against publishers Working Partners and HarperCollins. Gillian argues that she was unlawfully discriminated against when her contract to write children’s books was terminated because of her gender-critical beliefs.


The Signature Four Needs Your Support

A group of Free Speech Union members – Jade, Karen, Kate and Mohammed – are being aggressively pursued in the courts after posting honest reviews online. They feel they have done nothing wrong, but face potential financial ruin. Each member of the group paid out thousands of pounds for a surgical procedure at the same private clinic. Each had a bad experience. They need your help.

Almut Gadow Needs Your Support

Almut Gadow taught law at the Open University for almost 10 years. She was dismissed for questioning new requirements to indoctrinate students in gender identity theory, in ways which, she felt, distorted equality law and normalised child sexual exploitation. Almut is bringing an employment tribunal claim arguing that she was harassed, discriminated against, and unfairly dismissed for rejecting gender ideology.

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Your Legacy

Freedom of speech is a precious inheritance, a benefit that must be preserved for those who come after us. Future generations should enjoy the freedom to speak their minds on issues that matter to them without fear of losing their livelihood – or worse.

A gift to our organisation in your will can help secure the right to free speech in perpetuity.

If you would like to discuss this with Tracy-Jane Afriyie, our Director of Development, please click on the button below which will take you to our contact page. You should select ‘Making a Donation’ and then choose ‘Leaving a donation in your will’. That will enable you to arrange a call with Tracy-Jane.