Freedom of Speech

Free speech is a fundamental human right – not just one among many, to be weighed in the balance, but the most important one of all because without it we wouldn’t be able to defend the others. It’s a way of reconciling our differences without coming to blows, it’s how we distinguish truth from error and add to the sum of human knowledge, it’s the lifeblood of democracy and a bulwark against tyranny.

Free speech isn’t just some luxury we can do without. It’s the foundational freedom on which all the others depend. Human beings can’t flourish outside a free society, which means they can’t flourish without free speech. Free speech is how knowledge is developed and shared, with theories about the nature of reality constantly being developed and refined in open discussion and inquiry. Robust debate, appealing to reason and evidence, not kowtowing to prevailing orthodoxies, is the best way to resolve disagreements about questions big and small without descending to violence or intimidation. And free speech the most effective bulwark against the abuse of power by our would-be masters, with history demonstrating again and again that an assault on this right is an ominous precursor to the removal of all our other freedoms.

Many good men and women died fighting for our right to speak our minds and exchange ideas without being persecuted by the enforcers of moral dogma or ideological orthodoxy. This is our precious inheritance and we owe it to them as well as our children to come to its defence.

An invaluable support network

With You Every Step of The Way

At the Free Speech Union, we understand the challenges you might face and are committed to being by your side throughout. If you want to speak up about an issue that matters to you, you should be free to do so without fear of being penalised. We have helped over 2,000 people who found themselves in trouble merely for expressing a controversial opinion or for exercising their lawful right to free speech, whether at college or university, in the workplace or on social media.

If you’re looking for information and guidance, or are in need of immediate help, know that our team of experts are here to provide assistance, resources, and unwavering support. You’re not alone; we’re in this together.