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Any proposal to ban ‘conversion therapy’ raise serious free speech concerns

The UK Government has said it intends to publish a Conversion Therapy (Prohibition) Bill. The aim of the Bill will be to ban ‘conversion therapy’ which aims to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, raising concerns about its potential impact on free speech. The Free Speech Union encourages its members to write to their MPs, using our template letter, to express these concerns. While most agree that harmful practices like pseudo-scientific ‘treatments’ or ‘re-education’ camps should have no place in contemporary Britain, those practices are already against the law. So what is it, exactly, the bill will ban?

The main concern we have is that the definition of ‘conversion therapy’ that’s likely to be included in the bill, however tightly drafted, will be expanded during the Bill’s passage through Parliament to include benign conversations around sexuality or gender identity. This might result in criminalising personal advice, parental guidance, or religious teachings.

The possibility that the ban might include conversations between parents and children about gender identity is particularly concerning. We worry that the Bill will be amended on its way to becoming law so parents could face legal action for dissuading their children from undergoing significant medical procedures. Similarly, medical professionals might be obligated to dismiss advice they believe to be in the best interest of their trans patients, such as urging them to pause and reflect.

Given the severity of these implications, the Free Speech Union is urging members to write to their MPs to highlight these concerns. We need to make sure that freedom of speech remains protected, particularly in sensitive and potentially life-altering circumstances.

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We strongly urge you to voice your concerns about any proposed ‘conversion therapy’ ban by reaching out to your local MP.

While certain harmful practices should indeed be banned, this legislation could infringe on free speech, parental rights, and the ability of medical professionals to provide appropriate care. It’s essential that we communicate these concerns to our representatives to ensure they understand the potential ramifications and take them into account during the legislative process.

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