We’re in discussions with lawyers and insurance experts about setting up a fully-underwritten insurance scheme that will provide members with access to specialist lawyers and will completely cover any costs associated with legal action—unlike most other no win, no fee arrangements (UK only). Assuming we put this scheme in place, we will be able to put you in touch with lawyers who may be able to help if you’re dismissed from your job for exercising your lawful right to free speech—or just put through a disciplinary procedure. 

Members will also have access to additional legal support in the UK, subject to the discretion of the Free Speech Union. For instance, we may put you in touch with an expert on our Legal Advisory Council who may be able to offer you pro bono advice and if we feel there’s an important principle at stake we may help you crowdfund so you can pursue it. Our ambition is to raise enough money from donors to create a war chest so we’re in a position to offer assistance with costs ourselves.

Some membership benefits are discretionary, such as pro bono legal advice, pro bono media/PR advice, public support and campaigning, and will be conferred at the discretion of the Free Speech Union, depending on the case and the broader interests of the Union.