Children are warned old tweets could ruin their lives: Backlash as it is revealed police are recording thousands of historic social media posts as non-crime “hate incidents”

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Toby Young, General Secretary of the FSU, said: “Non-Crime Hate Incidents are an invention of the College of Policing, an unelected body. They have never been approved by Parliament, there is no legal threshold or independent evidentiary test applied to them and members of the public have no right of appeal against them. Indeed, a member of the public can have a Non-Crime Hate Incident recorded against their name without ever being informed of the fact. Mr Young concluded: “It is time we did away with this Orwellian practice that has little or no basis in law and is used in a highly subjective fashion as we saw in the Harry Miller case. The recording of these non-crimes on people’s police records has a chilling effect on free speech.”

James Robinson, MailOnline, 6th April 2021.