Fury over arrest of Catholic mother over claims she posted “malicious” messages online: Campaigners condemn Surrey Police for “wasting time on trivial nonsense” after swooping on vicar’s wife following “Twitter spat about gender issues”

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This afternoon Toby Young, General Secretary of the Free Speech Union told MailOnline: “Police forces in England and Wales have been told by the Home Secretary and the head of the College of Policing to stop investigating Twitter spats and focus on crime. Unfortunately, it seems like Surrey Police didn’t get the memo. If I was a Surrey resident who’d been burgled and couldn’t persuade the local police to do anything about it, I’d be extremely angry that they’re wasting time on this trivial nonsense. Something has gone very, very wrong at Surrey Police. They need to get their priorities straight.”

Dan Sales, MailOnline, 5th October 2022.