Glasgow troll’s supporters raise £20,000 to fight conviction over sick tweet about Captain Sir Tom Moore

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Pressure group the Free Speech Union are now helping him try to appeal to the court in Strasbourg, and a crowdfunding appeal they organised has raised £19,472 from more than 380 donations, far exceeding its £5,000 initial target. The appeal was due to close last week but has been extended until the end of January.
The group admit some of their own members cannot stomach the thought of backing Kelly, but they still insist they are right to support him.
They said: “We know this is a tough case and not all our members will support us. But if you do, please consider donating to the crowdfunder for Joe Kelly.
“The case Joe’s counsel will make focuses on ensuring this ‘deterrence’ on free expression does not materialise.” They added: “This case goes beyond obtaining justice for Joe, it is about challenging the arbitrary use of power to interfere with lawful free speech and halting the development of blasphemy law by another name.”

Stuart MacDonald and John Glover, Scottish Daily Express, 28th December 2022.