Jack Dee and Matt Le Tissier close their Paypal accounts after online payments giant cancels Free Speech Union and anti-school lockdown group UsForThem

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Comedian Jack Dee has closed his PayPal account after it cancelled the accounts of the Free Speech Union and a parents group which fought to keep schools open during lockdown. The stand-up comedian, 60, accused the Californian company of bullying customers after it also shut the account of UsForThem – which campaigned to keep schools open during Covid. He took to Twitter to announce: “I’m in the process of cancelling my PayPal account. Big Tech companies that feel they can bully people for questioning mainstream groupthink don’t deserve anyone’s business.” And he was joined by former professional footballer Matt Le Tissier who wrote: “That’s my PayPal account closed along with my wife’s. Good riddance to tin pot dictators.”

Isabella Nikolic, MailOnline, 23rd September 2022.