LSE students demand university bans all private school students, eradicates free market economist Friedrich Hayek from the curriculum, no platforms speakers and introduces minority quotas for staff

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Toby Young, General Secretary of the Free Speech Union, told MailOnline: “The statements of LSE Class War read like the work of a satirist. Do a group of upper-middle class students at one of Britain’s most exclusive universities really want to wage war against posh people? Or is this a prank designed to take the Mickey out of privately-educated student activists? Unfortunately, we know from experience that student demands that should be treated as a joke are taken deadly seriously by those in authority, so the Free Speech Union stands ready to defend the Hayek Society if there’s any move to ban it. Universities should be places where students are exposed to a broad range of different ideas, not a woke echo chamber.”

James Gant, MailOnline, 27th July 2021.