Free speech can be complex and messy – that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight for it

The attempt to link free speech to hate speech is a inversion of what free speech is. Free speech historically, has been the mechanism that marginalised groups used to articulate their suffering and challenge their subjection. In reality, it is not in the interest of the unscrupulously powerful for people to be able to speak freely.

Inaya Folarin Iman, Free Market Conservatives, 28th Feb 2020.

Stop complaining and start fighting the online mob

The FSU should resonate across the Anglosphere, where a particular strain of Protestant puritanism seems to encourage a modern-day mob of secular purit­ans to sack dissenters, or at the very least cancel them, rather than debate them.

Janet Albrechtsen, The Australian, 29th Feb 2020.

We need to turn the tide on cancel culture

Free speech in the UK is in crisis. Police investigate and arrest people for making offensive comments online, ‘problematic’ speakers are shut down on campus, and outraged Twittermobs agitate to have people sacked from their jobs.

Toby Young, Spiked, 28th Feb 2020.

Why free speech matters

In this special edition of the spiked podcast, Toby Young joins spiked’s Tom Slater and Fraser Myers to discuss the launch of his Free Speech Union, the new threats to free speech, and what we can all do to face down censorship.

Tom Slater and Fraser Myers interview Toby Young, Spiked Podcast, 28th Feb 2020.

Free speech is being crushed by fear of the mob. It’s time to fight back

Many people now believe that hate speech includes: training your dog to do a Nazi salute, sharing rude limericks about trans people, reading the Daily Mail, debating differences between genetic populations, suggesting immigration may affect wages, quoting Shakespeare or saying that women are those born with two X chromosomes.

Juliet Samuel, The Telegraph, 29th Feb 2020.

Toby Young’s revolt against cancel culture: meet the Free Speech Union

The line between freedom of speech and the freedom to incite violence is one of the hardest distinctions to put into practice. Toby Young, however, who has recently created the Free Speech Union, may have a better idea than most.

Nico Johnson, The Post Millennial, 29th Feb 2020.