Sollys er det bedste desinfektionsmiddel

»Vi har aldrig haft en Tjeka, et Stasi eller et Gestapo i dette land. Vi har aldrig levet i et orwellsk samfund,« sagde den britiske højesteretsdommer Julian Knowles for nylig. »Men« – tilføjede han – »det britiske samfund er på en farlig kurs.«

Mette Rodgers, Weekendavisen, 27th March 2020.

How Oxford taught the no-platformers a lesson

The [Proctors] have upheld the Free Speech Union’s complaint about Rudd’s no-platforming, de-registered the society responsible, and ordered it to apologise to her. Let’s hope that sends a message to the protesters.

Toby Young, The Spectator, 28th March 2020.

University bans society that no-platformed Amber Rudd

The decision to cancel sparked backlash from proponents of free speech, like the Free Speech Union – which sent an official complaint to the university. Governing proctors have now made the decision to de-register the society.

Catherine Dema, Cherwell, 23rd March 2020.

Oxford University officials ban society that no-platformed Amber Rudd

The Free Speech Union… sent an official complaint about the society to Oxford University, and its governing proctors have now de-registered the feminist group. It has also ordered it to issue an apology.

Indya Clayton, Oxford Mail, 22nd March 2020.

Toby Young Leads Rebuke To Leftist Censorship With Free Speech Union

Toby Young explains the aims of his latest project, a British version of the ACLU, but one that actually defends free speech without nonsensical transgender activism or stupid intersectional tweets.

Sumantra Maitra, The Federalist, 5th March 2020.

The Guardian is not a fan of Toby Young or free speech

In a string of bizarre articles deriding British journalist and free speech-campaigner Toby Young, the Guardian seems to make a mockery of its self-proclaimed ethos to deliver “quality, investigative journalism so we can all make up our minds based on fact, not fiction.”

Kathrine Jebsen Moore, The Post Millennial, 4th March 2020.

Oxford college investigates after lecturer is ‘no platformed’ at women’s history summit

Prof Selina Todd helped organise the event, only to find herself uninvited. […] Now Exeter College has launched an investigation into the “no platforming” of Prof Todd, after a formal complaint was submitted by the journalist Toby Young on behalf of the Free Speech Union.

Camilla Turner, The Daily Telegraph, 3rd March 2020. [Read our Letter of Complaint to Exeter College.]

Join us in hitting back at the enemies of free speech

The idea for a free speech trade union was born at a conference for ‘cancelled’ academics in Oxford last year. It was organised by Nigel Biggar, Regius Professor of moral and pastoral philosophy at Oxford, who was targeted by an outrage mob in 2017 after writing an article for the Times entitled ‘Don’t feel guilty about our colonial past’.

Toby Young, Conservative Woman, 3rd March 2020.