More than a QUARTER of students “self-censor” their opinions because they fear their university’s woke cancel culture – and 40% are afraid their careers will be ruined if they speak out

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Toby Young, who created The Free Speech Union in February, said his organisation is inundated with students “begging for help”. “They thought they’d applied to a university, but they’ve ended up in a Maoist re-education camp,” he added. “If they say anything that challenges the prevailing woke orthodoxy – if they dispute the idea that trans-women are women, for instance – a complaint is made to the authorities and they find themselves being put through dubious, quasi-legal procedures that resemble struggle sessions during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. If they don’t throw themselves at the feet of their inquisitors and denounce their white privilege, they’re liable to be kicked out and reported to the police for ‘hate speech’.”

Max Aitchison, The Mail on Sunday, 22nd November 2020.