Supporters – a personal invitation from Toby Young!

The FSU is going to be putting up its membership fees later this month, the first time they’ve been raised since we launched three years ago. They’ll only be going up by 20%, lower than the rate of inflation in those three years, but we need to increase them if we’re to continue offering our members the same benefits, which can include expensive legal support.

Which makes this an excellent time for supporters to join. Not only will you be able to join at the current rate, but you won’t be charged at the new rate until after 1st October 2024. That’s right – for all those who’ve already joined by the time the price goes up, we’ll be locking in the old price, which means you won’t be charged at the new higher rate for at least a year.

You can click here to watch the video I’ve recorded on X (formerly Twitter) inviting you to join us at the FSU!

As a member of the FSU, not only will you get top level support if you get into difficulty for exercising your right to lawful free speech, as well as invitations and discounted tickets to all our events and our weekly newsletters. You’ll also get exclusive access to our premium content.

At the moment, everything on our website is free, but when we relaunch it later this month we’re going to be restricting access to our premium content – such as our FAQs on what to do if you’ve been de-banked and our extended interviews with world famous free speech champions like Douglas Murray and Kathleen Stock – to our members.

So, if you’re a supporter who values the work we do and you want to join the fight the defend free speech, please join today. We’ll be relaunching the website and increasing our membership fees on Friday 15th September. And remember – if you join before the prices go up, you won’t be charged at the new rate for at least a year.

You can join by clicking here.

Kind regards,

Toby Young