The app that could make you look like an anti-Brexit left-winger

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Toby Young, general secretary of the Free Speech Union, says that Visible might help those who haven’t yet realised just how left-leaning social media can be.
“In one respect,” he says, “this app will be quite useful because posting right-of-centre content on social media can get you cancelled, particularly by teenagers and young adults”.
On the whole, however, he thinks using Visible as an online self-censorship tool to fit in might not be the best answer.
Mischievously, Young says his union considered publishing a self-help guide titled “How to Speak Woke-ish” but shelved the idea because it would encourage people to hide their true selves.
“We concluded this would just strengthen the taboo against saying anything unorthodox or unfashionable,” adds Young, “when what we really want to do is broaden the Overton Window. That, in essence, is the problem with this app”.

Gareth Corfield, The Telegraph, 16th December 2022.