The Free Speech Union Complains to Gonville and Caius’s College Council and Cambridge University’s Vice-Chancellor About the Master’s Email Denouncing Dr Helen Joyce.


The Free Speech Union has made two complaints about the email sent by the Master and Senior Tutor of Gonville and Caius, denouncing Dr Helen Joyce, who’d been invited to speak at the College by Dr Arif Ahmed, a Fellow of Cauis and a Professor of Philosophy. The first complaint is to the College Council, Caius’s governing body, pointing out that the email may have been a breach of the College’s Statement on Freedom of Speech; the second is to Dr Anthony Freeling, Cambridge’s Acting Vice-Chancellor, arguing that the email, which was sent by the Master using her University email address, may have been a breach of her duty under s43 of the Education Act 1986 to uphold free speech on campus, which applies to all officers of English universities. The talk went ahead, but was disrupted by noisy protestors, as Ewan Somerville reported in the Telegraph. You can read about our complaints here.

This letter was also sent on 28/10/2022