TOBY YOUNG: Free speech is the most vital battle yet against the hard Left trolls who want to kill democracy

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Fifteen months ago, when I launched the Free Speech Union in the pages of this newspaper, I said that our right to speak openly and freely was in greater peril than at any time since the Second World War. In its brief life, the organisation has fought many important battles. We came to the defence of Conservative politician Amber Rudd after she was no-platformed by students at Oxford University. We helped Nick Buckley, the founder of a homelessness charity in Manchester, get his job back after he was sacked for criticising the Black Lives Matter organisation. And we helped Lisa Keogh, a law student who was placed under investigation by Abertay University for challenging woke dogma in a class on feminism, gender and the law. We made sure she wasn’t punished. But no battle has been more important than the one we’re currently fighting – against a censorious, anti-democratic organisation called Stop Funding Hate (SFH).

Toby Young, The Mail on Sunday, 20th June 2021.