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Oxford college investigates after lecturer is ‘no platformed’ at women’s history summit

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Prof Selina Todd helped organise the event, only to find herself uninvited. […] Now Exeter College has launched an investigation into the “no platforming” of Prof Todd, after a formal complaint was submitted by the journalist Toby Young on behalf of the Free Speech Union.

Camilla Turner, The Daily Telegraph, 3rd March 2020. [Read our Letter of Complaint to Exeter College.]

Why free speech matters

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In this special edition of the spiked podcast, Toby Young joins spiked’s Tom Slater and Fraser Myers to discuss the launch of his Free Speech Union, the new threats to free speech, and what we can all do to face down censorship.

Tom Slater and Fraser Myers interview Toby Young, Spiked Podcast, 28th Feb 2020.